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Care. Pure and simple!

While it all began with household goods more than 100 years ago we now move LTL and Truckload freight as well. Other carriers will come and go, but we plan to keep taking care of our customers and their goods for another 100+ years. Each day our company drivers (averaging seven years with us) and owner operators (averaging nine years) carefully handle well over a million pounds of freight per week, taking full responsibility for its safe handling and whereabouts every inch of the trip. You can rest assured your goods will get to their destination on time and in excellent condition. Expedited if you like!

As transportation has moved forward, so has Rollins, with air cushioning, worldwide logistics service and more. We do over night truck or van delivery. We deliver to major businesses, airports, retailers and wholesalers across the globe. We also can pick-up, re-pack if necessary and ship to any domestic or international destination.

For over 100 years the local community of Springfield, Ohio has turned to Rollins, and for the past four decades the world has done the same.


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